Juice Recipes

Food Babe: http://foodbabe.com/recipe-rendezvous/ Dr. Axe: http://draxe.com/recipe-category/vegetable-juices/ Crazy Sexy Cancer: http://kriscarr.com/recipes/juices-smoothies/ Earth Diet: http://theearthdiet.com/recipes_category/drinks/ http://juicerrecipesnow.com/ http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-9904/10-cancer-fighting-juice-smoothie-recipes.html My go to daily juice. Makes about 32 ounces. 1 cucumber, 1 apple, I lemon, I knob ginger, I knob turmeric, half celery bunch, 10 carrots, a couple cups of greens: either broccoli, wheatgrass, leafy greens or sprouts, and sometimes a beet Advertisements Continue reading Juice Recipes

Anti-Breast Cancer Diet

Choose Low-GI Foods Limit Alcohol Consumption Eat Plenty of Foods Rich in I3C Step Up Your Fiber Intake Avoid Foods That Contain Nitrates Eat Foods That Provide Ellagic Acid 10 Best Dietary Sources of Ellagic Acid Include Foods Rich in Beta-Glucans in Your Diet Count on Curcumin Include Allicin-Containing Foods in Your Diet Avoid Excess Protein Get Enough Vitamin A and Carotenoids Avoid Foods That May Be Contaminated with Aflatoxins Reduce Fat Intake, Especially From Animal Fat Eat Plenty of Foods Rich in Lignans Push Up Your Vitamin C and Vitamin E Levels Be Sure to Get Enough Zinc Source: … Continue reading Anti-Breast Cancer Diet

Healthy & Delicious Recipes

Healthy Recipe Websites Earth Diet Rawmazing Edible Perspective Slim Palate Rawtarian Sunny Raw Kitchen Carmella’s Sunny Raw Kitchen Rawfully Wonderful Healwithfood Primal Palate Paleomg Naturopathic Gourmet Nut Milk Almond Milk Recipe and Gorilla Milk Salads Chopped Kale Salad + Creamy Almond Ginger Dressing (Edible Perspective) Appetizers Cheesy Cauliflower Soups Lemon Lentil Soup Meat Chicken Nuggets (Earth Diet) Louise Hay’s Bone Broth Naturopathic Gourmet’s Bone Broth Stuffed Peppers with Grassfed Beef and Artichoke Hearts Dehydrator Recipes Buffalo Zucchini Chips with Ranch Dipping Sauce (Rawmazing) Raw Flax Crackers (Rawtarian) Nacho Cheesy Kale Chips (Carmella’s) Chrissy’s Goddess Chips (Rawfully) Raw Lemon Cookies (Rawtarian) … Continue reading Healthy & Delicious Recipes

Hello and welcome to the world of the Natural Health Mama

I am not yet ready to post about my healing journey but I will share all of my research when I am ready. This blog is documenting my journey of healing myself naturally from breast cancer and the research that I am accumulating along the way.  I am dedicating myself to creating this site so that others affected by this dis-ease will be able to help themselves and find information and research compiled in one place. Whether you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer or you are educating yourself about prevention, this is a great springboard for your research. This is also … Continue reading Hello and welcome to the world of the Natural Health Mama